Balancing group management

To record the energy flow and settle the actual consumption, virtual energy accounts that are referred to as balancing groups are formed. Balancing group management ensures well-adjusted balancing groups.
With its balancing group management, natGAS takes care of the entire management of balancing groups, supports the preparation of demand forecasts and settles balancing groups. In this way, the balancing costs are always kept as low as possible. Every day, forecasts of the energy demand to be covered and the nominations at the trading points and interfaces between the network operators are performed. Various mathematical procedures ensure optimum customer forecasts.
The dispatching takes place around the clock and comprises all key subjects concerning the network monitoring and control, ensuring the security of supply and the determination and management of the transport capacity. The latest customer information is directly incorporated in the load forecast without any delay. The balancing group settlement takes place under consideration of balancing energy and structuring fees. In the other European countries outside Germany, the national balancing regimes and incentive systems serve as the accounting basis. In those countries, natGAS often assumes the function of a balancing shipper in addition to its activities as a supplier.