Cross Commodity Management

Only combined heat and power plants are capable of filling the gap of the hours in the year during which solar and wind power are unable to make a relevant contribution to meeting the demand for power. However, the inverse development of the power and natural gas prices is a burden to the profitability of these efficient, climate-friendly plants and makes their operation a challenge.

natGAS wants to actively participate in moulding the energy reform and has therefore developed a multi-commodity overall concept that enables consistently market price-oriented management and fine adjustment of the energy deployment.

In this way, the value of the flexibility can be assessed correctly, and the financial potential of a CHP plant can be exploited as effectively as possible.

Hence, the following advantages can be achieved:
  • minimisation of a company's total energy costs
  • permanently economic operation of the CHP plant
  • improved security of supply and planning (stabilisation of the prices)
  • transparent, simplified, comprehensible management of the gas and power purchasing
  • cash flow process optimisation effects (through concerted coordination of the gas and power purchasing)
  • preparation to provide control energy (minute reserve services, secondary control power)