The wishes, possibilities and preferences are discussed in detailed and precisely recorded in a conversation with the customer.

Once the needs have been determined, natGAS recommends a customer-specific solution for services, gas or power.

The services for the individual partnership are jointly determined in an iterative process.

The customer-individual solution can be flexibly adapted to the constantly changing needs.
No matter whether you are a commercial or industrial company, service provider, municipal utility company, regional supplier, distributor or power plant operator, you can significantly optimise your energy procurement with natGAS. Benefit from the advantages of the energy market development and from the most meaningful, individualised solution for your concerns!
natGAS energy solutions are characterised by a custom-tailored composition of services with or without the commodities natural gas and power. 
The solutions are always based on comprehensive market knowledge and personal proximity to the customer. The company operates as a reliable, independent partner that never loses sight of the economic success of its customers.
The starting point is a conversation with the customer in which his wishes, possibilities and security and risk preferences are discussed. Once the needs have been ascertained, natGAS recommends a combination of services and, depending on the situation, gas and power. The objective is always to deliver an individual, custom-tailored customer solution for maximum efficiency!
The services and objectives for the individual partnership and the implementation in the day-to-day business are then determined in an iterative process. Highly specialised experts create a suitable mix for the particular customer needs.
With its service portfolio, natGAS fulfils individual customer needs, from one-time supply solutions to highly complex, versatile energy transactions that can be flexibly adapted at any time to constantly changing needs.