• Bearish
    If prices are expected to fall at the stock exchange, the mood is referred to as bearish. This trend represents a pessimistic market expectation. It is as though a bear pushes the prices down with its paw. Antonym: Bullish
  • Balancing group
    A balancing group is a combination of any number of entry or exit points in gas supply networks. Within a balancing group, the provided and purchased natural gas quantities should be identical. This means that the amount of gas available in the pipeline at the exit points should correspond to the quantity purchased by a customer. However, as variances often occur in practice, the quantity differences need to be balanced. The responsibility for this lies with the respective network operator.
  • Balancing group manager
    The balancing group manager – a network operator or a third party – is responsible for ensuring a balanced trade balance within his balancing group.
  • Band supply
    The band supply is an energy supply in which a constant amount of power or gas is supplied over a fixed period.
  • Biogas
    A mix of methane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, which is produced during the anaerobic digestion of organic material, such as bio waste, sludge, food leftovers, liquid manure or energy plants.
  • Bullish
    If rising prices are expected at the stock exchange, the mood is referred to as bullish. It is as though a bull pushes the prices up with its horns. Antonym: Bearish