• GaBi-Gas
    GaBi-Gas (Basic Model for Balancing Services and Balancing in the Gas Sector) is the new German energy balancing regulation for the gas market. A key feature pertains to the transition from hourly balancing to daily balancing. Basic balancing and the possibility of ex post balancing are omitted in this regulation. Instead, customers with daily quantity bands can be supplied.
  • Gas pressure
    Depending on the pipeline diameter, the pressure required for the transport can vary greatly. While the pressure can amount to more than 100 bar in large transmission pipelines, the distribution pipelines to the individual properties are operated at 30 to 200 mbar. The natural gas is pressurised in special compressor stations.
  • Gas day
    A gas day is a calendar day on which gas quantities are traded at the respective gas exchange, e.g. the Title Transfer Facility in the Netherlands or the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig, Germany. It begins at 06:00:00 hours and ends on the following morning at 05:59:59 hours.
  • Gas pipeline network
    Germany's gas pipeline network has a length of approximately 397,000 km (without industry). Of these, gas distribution networks account for about 341,000 km, and transmission pipelines for the remaining more than 56,000 km.
  • Gas financial year
    The gas financial year starts on 1 October, 6 a.m. local time of a year and ends on 1 October 6 a.m. local time of the following year.
  • Gaspool
    Gaspool is one of two market areas in the German natural gas market.
  • GeLi-Gas
    The Business Processes for Changing the Gas Supplier (GeLi Gas) describe the central processes and the associated electronic data exchange when changing the gas supplier. The Business Processes for Supplying Customers with Electricity (GPKE) govern the processes on the power market.
  • GPKE
    The Business Processes for Supplying Customers with Electricity (GPKE) provide uniform, binding standards for changing suppliers on the liberalised power market. The standards for changing suppliers on the gas market are determined by GeLi-Gas.