• Half-life
    Half-life is the time after which the amount of a substance falls to half of its value due to decay.
  • H-Gas
    High-calorific natural gas has a calorific value of about 11.5 kWh/m³. In contrast, L-gas is low-calorific natural gas with a calorific value of about 10 kWh/m³. The difference between the two gas types is important because gas appliances need to be adjusted accordingly. However, it is also possible to modify the gas qualities so that they match the desired requirement profile.nschten Anforderungsprofil entsprechen.
  • Heating value
    The heating value is the measure for the maximum heat energy that can be generated during the combustion of gas. The heating value is stated in kJ/kg. The heating value of natural gas is just under 10 kWh/m³ gas (H-gas).
  • High pressure