• NCG
    NetConnect Germany (NCG) is a market area/a virtual trading point on the German natural gas market.
  • Natural gas
    Natural gas is a combustible fossil energy source. It is a hydrocarbon mix consisting primarily of methane, but also contains ethane and propane. The methane content may amount to more than 90 percent. Depending on the methane content, natural gas is classified in two groups: L-gas (L for low) with low methane content and H-gas (H for high) with higher methane content.
  • Natural gas consumption
    In 2008, the German natural gas consumption dropped 1 percent to 930 (2007: 940) billion kWh. Broken down by submarkets, the consumption in the industry dropped about 5 percent in 2008. Because of the reduced consumption of heating gas due to energy savings measures as a result of the high gas prices, the natural gas consumption of private households and commercial and service enterprises remained more or less the same. The use of natural gas in power plants went up 9 percent, especially due to the increased use of combined heat and power plants.
  • Natural gas deposits
    In 2007, 15 percent of the natural gas produced in Germany originated from local sources. With a share of 37 percent, Russia was the most important foreign supplier. Other major suppliers were Norway (26 percent) and the Netherlands (18 percent). The remaining 4 percent comprise of Denmark, the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Natural gas supply
    The proven global gas reserves are currently estimated at approximately 140,000 billion m³ = 172.2 billion t coal equivalents. Based on the present global natural gas consumption, the proven reserves will last another 65 years. Adding the additional recoverable resources, i.e. resources that cannot yet be economically exploited due to cost reasons, the available natural gas will last about 170 years.
  • Network access
    The Federal Network Agency postulates that due to the natural monopoly of the gas and power networks, the network access must be regulated at equal terms and without discrimination both for the network operator and for all other stakeholders.
  • Nomination
    The request submitted to a network operator that a particular quantity of natural gas is to be transported through his pipelines within a particular period.