• Portfolio
    Optimisation of the natural gas procurement through flexible purchase of different quantities at different locations and at different times. In this way, price advantages can be made use of in the purchasing process. Companies can build up a portfolio under their own steam or have this done by an external specialist.
  • Point of entry
  • Power liberalisation
    Following the entry into force of the Energy Act (EnWG) in 1998, the monopoly of the German power market was stopped, and the market was opened up for competition. This then, every customer has been able to freely select his energy supplier, regardless of his location.
  • Pressure level
    For the transmission from the producer to the final customer, natural gas is fed into the pipeline or transmission network. As gas loses pressure over great distances, distinction is made between three natural gas pressure levels:
    • Low pressure (<= 100 mbar)
    • Medium pressure (> 100 mbar to <= 1 bar)
    • High pressure (> 1 to 100 bar)

    Due to the falling pressure over greater distances, municipal distribution networks usually have low-pressure pipelines, regional distribution networks have medium-pressure pipelines, and gas transmission companies have high-pressure networks.