• Virtueel handelspunt
    Op het virtuele handelspunt kunnen gashoeveelheden na de voeding en vóór de distributie binnen een marktgebied verhandeld worden. Dankzij het virtuele handelspunt is het dus mogelijk om gas te kopen of te verkopen zonder de boeking van capaciteiten of de overdracht van gashoeveelheden tussen balanskringen.
  • Voltage level
    For the transmission of power from the producer to the end consumer, various voltage levels are used in order to minimise any losses that may occur during the transmission of great amounts of energy. The power supply network comprises four different voltage levels:
    • Low voltage,
    • medium voltage,
    • high voltage,
    • and extra-high voltage.

    The extra-high voltage network connects power plants to the large centres of consumption and across borders with each other within Europe. Thus, European countries can supply each other with power in the event of power plant outages. Usually, the extra-high voltage network in Germany operates at 380 kV. By means of transformation, the high-voltage network (~110 kV) connects the extra-high voltage network to the medium-voltage network (1 kV to 30 kV. The downstream low-voltage network supplies households at 230 V or 400 V.