EEG levy account


The EEG levy account comprises the income from the EEG levy (€0.0624/kWh) and the proceeds obtained at the power exchange from the eco-power that is fed in. These amounts are offset against subsidies granted to plant operators, which represent "expenses".

As at the end of June, the account had a positive balance of €1.58 billion. However, the development is negative. Following a gradual increase to €1.69 billion in the period from January to May, a minus of €110 million was recorded for June, as reported by the transmission network operators responsible for the EEG levy. Last month, the income amounted to €2.02 billion and the expenses to €2.13 billion, resulting in a balance of minus €110 million.

Background information on this development: Usually, the EEG levy accounts experiences a surplus in the autumn, winter and spring months from September to May. In contrast, a deficit is usually posted in the summer months. This is especially due to the higher amount of solar power that is generated and paid for in the sunny months.