The Executive Board of natGAS now consists of David Schweizer and Jan-Hendrik Semkat, who were appointed as members of the Executive Board on 5 June 2019.

From left: David Schweizer, Jan-Hendrik Semkat



    David Schweizer, aged 39, from Heilbronn, Germany, joined the Purchasing department of natGAS some 10 years ago, after having served in the international management consultancy Pöyry PLC for several years. There, he had mainly been responsible for portfolio and risk management projects with a focus on gas. After he had taken over the responsibility for the Risk Management department of natGAS in 2010, he served as Head of Finance and Risk Management since 2014.



    Jan-Hendrik Semkat, aged 40, from Oldenburg, Germany, served as Head of Innovation and IT Management (I²M) at natGAS since 2017. In this capacity, he was responsible for the company's ongoing digitisation and process optimisation. Previously, he had worked in the fields of software development, project management and consulting in the energy industry for several years. Most recently, he had served as Managing Director of SIV Utility Services GmbH in Roggentin.