Portfolio management

From a certain amount of energy to be procured, an enterprise can diversify the energy procurement risk, purchase systematically and directly exploit the advantages of the wholesale market.

natGAS Portfoliomanagement

With the portfolio management of natGAS, customers have access to a comprehensive service portfolio. The more demanding the needs are, the more intensively the individual substeps of the energy supply process are examined in order to ensure maximum efficiency. The result is a procurement strategy in whose implementation the customer is supported in all purchasing and selling decisions as well as in the performance of all transactions required on the market. In the case of an energy purchase or sale directly via natGAS, the trading prices are charged plus a transaction fee. Final control steps make sure that the results match the defined targets. In this way, optimum flexibility and result orientation can be achieved for the entire energy purchasing cycle.
Customers benefit from this service especially if
  • their natural gas consumption exceeds 100 GWh or their power consumption exceeds 50 GWh
  • the enterprise is distributed over several locations
  • long-term purchasing optimisation is a declared goal
  • there is willingness to actively provide the needed capacities
  • a central contact can be provided for the decision-making process and for the communication with natGAS