In Germany, natGAS offers services related to natural gas and power, which can be made use of individually or in the form of a bundle. The services for natural gas are also available in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria.
The principle is flexibility – always with a view to achieving maximum efficiency for every customer.
  • Energy purchase and sale
    Since the liberalisation of the energy markets, gas and power have become standard commodities. However, this has not simplified the purchase and sale. To the contrary: The energy procurement market is a complex system in which opportunities and risks have increased to the same extent. A company that wants to make use of the opportunities that arise on the energy procurement market needs extensive expertise and experience as well as the willingness and ability to adapt quickly to changed market situations, to identify opportunities, to minimise risks and to operate securely.
    The natGAS services in the field of energy purchasing and sale are based on framework agreements under which standard products are procured on the futures/forwards and spot markets. If necessary, individually tailored products can be added. The prices are aligned with the liquid energy-marketplaces of Europe or other “commodities” – always close to the markets!

    • Gas and power sale or purchase – without any other services
    • Division of the annual quantity into differently structured quantities - fixed schedules, flexible schedules, residual quantity
    • Purchase of the various partial quantities for any time periods at any point in time
    • Balancing group responsibility lies with the customer or with a third party
    • If necessary, trading in natural gas daily bands in 0.5 MW increments within the scope of the additional service "guaranteed spot market access"
  • Energy transport
    natGAS AG takes care of natural gas transports from the European trading points, border crossing points or virtual trading points to the exit points of the customers and power transports from the supplier to the customer.

    Depending on the individual needs, natGAS equips metering points with a data transmitter that shows the customer his consumption at all times via the online natGAS partner portal.

    Furthermore, natGAS books the transport capacities at network operators and takes care of the balancing of surplus and shortfall quantities.